Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Take a Stroll Around the Neighborhood

Broadway’s Walking Tour Approximately 2 hrs


(1) Begin at Broadway’s lobby. Walk to Broadway and make a left. Continue walking north until you reach 112th St.

On this corner is the famed Tom’s Restaurant. The exterior is featured on TV’s “Seinfeld” as Monk’s Restaurant.

From Broadway & 112th St, make a right walking east to Amsterdam Avenue.

(2) Ahead is the Cathedral of St. John Divine. Started in 1897, the Cathedral is the largest gothic-style building in the world. Construction of the building continues even today. Walk west one block back to Broadway and 112th Street

(3) Continue north on Broadway to 116th Street to Columbia University. The campus stretches from 116th to 120th. This is New York’s oldest institution for higher learning it is the nation’s fifth oldest.

(4) Walk north on Broadway to 122nd Street. Make a left and walk west 1 block to Riverside Drive and visit Grant’s Tomb. Completed in 1897, the structure is made of over 8,000 pounds of granite.

(5) On Riverside Drive between 122nd St and 120th Street is Riverside Church. Built in 1930, the 74-bell carillon is the largest in the world.

(6) Continue south on Riverside Drive. Newly-wealthy New Yorkers built mansions here from the 1890’s to World War I. Many were torn down and replaced by elegant apartment buildings beginning in the 1920’s. Make a left on 101st Street and head east until you reach Broadway Hotel & Hostel.


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